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The Social Media Action Plan

by Ajay Tejwani

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THIS NOTE IS COMING STRAIGHT FROM MY HEART WITHOUT ANY PROFESSIONAL EDITING. Lots of people have been talking about Social Media, how to use Facebook, Twitter and other tools. This is not about learning those tools, though the tools overview is covered in one of the chapters, but its about changing your thinking as a marketer, or a communicator, from "campaign managers" to "relationship builders".


Book Description

The Social Media Action Plan helps business leaders develop a social media action plan that will make effective use of all channels to deliver measurable results.

Most people know that word of mouth is the best kind of promotion. Now, the Internet provides a new form of word of mouth: social media.

Since its inception, social media has grown beyond Facebook and Twitter to encompass professional networks, video sharing, microblogging, and a host of other ways to interact with clients, stakeholders, and potential business partners.


About the Author


Ajay Tejwani has established himself as one of the leading experts on social media strategy. His work with Fortune 500 companies has solidified his expertise in everything from marketing analysis to business development.

His effectiveness at integrating social media marketing into business and advertising models have made him a sought-after source on the topic. Amid a schedule of speaking engagements across the world, Tejwani also founded Social Media Sapiens, a social media marketing and SEO consulting firm.